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Hey Soul Sister


Do you know that I am really passionate about doing anything I can to nurture, grow and boost the sisterhood in this world?

I don’t think I talk about this enough actually so you will hear more from me on this topic.

Now I know that it’s not like I am Oprah here, so that my words and my actions will have a smaller impact than hers, just for example ;).  But I also know that my words and actions will still have an impact and I am really pumped about what I can do to help other women step into their power.

As a Business Coach you might think this all sounds a bit like I’m going out on a limb but I think the opposite is true.  This is my reason why – why I have chosen to work with women and why I want to empower them so they can make life and business choices that will lead to the best possible outcome for them.

A little about my childhood might explain why this is so important to me.  My Mum is a very strong women, sometimes too strong for her own good because exposing her vulnerability would have changed many aspects of her life for the better I’m sure.  But her strength has always shown me that I can do what I want to do and that I have the power to change my life and grow and evolve as a person anytime I choose to.  She taught me always that I was enough, always, already enough.  I have two sisters who were also shown this way.  There has never been a moment in my life where anyone, including both my parents, would have even hinted that I couldn’t do something because I am a women.  On the contrary, I was taught that to be a woman is a huge advantage, not disadvantage.  That the benefits far outweigh any perceived downside or potential challenges.

The older I get the more it occurs to me how damn lucky I was to be taught this inherent belief to the point where I have never, ever questioned how lucky I am to be a woman.  Because this is still not the way everyone thinks; not the way everyone else was brought up. To me that is really sad and I still see women who don’t believe in themselves, in this way.

I believe that I need to keep stepping up to the plate on this. That I can contribute to a greater collective consciousness about what an amazing privilege and advantage it is to be a woman in this day and age.  That I can help other women see this and embrace it and step into there own power.  Yes, this will be small, but think about the ripple effect.

When I work with with anyone this is always on my mind.  Never let being a woman be anything but positive for you in your business and in your life.  Don’t even turn towards the doubters on this my friends, its just not worth it.  You, all of you, already have the power – those beautiful gifts inside you to make the changes / grow the business / craft a better life / find that lasting relationship / break down the blocks that prevent you from moving forward – whatever it is you are dreaming of.

That’s why this phrase keeps going around in my head that I want to shout out to all the women I know right now – it’s time to step into your power.  Your time is now.



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