Kate McCormack

Mixed. Inconsistent. And time-consuming to create.

If that sums up how you feel about your marketing efforts — just imagine the message your audience is really getting about your business.

A business that you love. A business that needs to grow.

Haphazard. Unsure. Confusing.

What’s the worst-case scenario of this kind of marketing?

Missed opportunities. Declining business. A forgotten-about-business online, as well as off.

And the best case scenario?

You — not knowing what’s working, what you’re actually doing well. And not knowing how to make your current marketing even simpler and way more efficient.

Bottom line: Without a strategic marketing plan, you’ll spend more time second-guessing your carefully crafted messages, spend more money than you need to, and risk an approach that doesn’t truly reward your customers — not to mention your bank balance.

Hi! I’m Kate McCormack.

And my mission is simple: I help you achieve clarity and consistency so your marketing & business strategy is strategic, seamless and smart.

Because let’s face facts: you’re already marketing your business. Whatever you do, neglect to do, or even forget to do — all your marketing efforts are positioning your business and brand in some way.

But is it the way that makes the most sense (and the most money) for your business?

I want you to be clear and conscious about how you’re marketing your business. It’s about giving you the power to choose. And you can’t choose your messages by default, without all the pieces of the puzzle, without strategy and clarity.

My Philosophy
  • I believe that greater clarity brings greater power.

  • With the rise of social media, it would seem that the playing field has been levelled. Small to medium businesses have more opportunities to compete, and to connect with their audience. But this also means there are more opportunities to get your marketing wrong.

I feel frustrated when I see and hear marketers make marketing way more complicated than it actually is. It drives me crazy when I see the very people who need help with marketing strategy — passionate small business owners — overspend their time, money and energy on marketing that doesn’t drive their business forward.

My background

I’ve held senior marketing positions for big brands such as Target Australia, Jetstar, BUPA, Tabcorp, Adairs, Jay Jays and Just Jeans. Armed with an MBA and over 15 years experience rebranding and repositioning major brands to attain greater success — it’s clear I’m seriously passionate about marketing, branding, communications and strategy.

While my passion for marketing strategy has never waned and now I choose to share my experience and incredible talent (if I do say so myself) for marketing with small business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s the reason I started my own business.

kate_mccormack_business_coachWhy I do what I do…
Is also the reason I work with the people I do…

I believe in the value of genuine, smart marketing. I believe in people doing what they love in a way that feels aligned to their personality, values and lifestyle.

After having my twins, I returned from maternity leave to reclaim my role as International Marketing Manager for a major corporation. It was a disenchanting experience.

So I decided to create something of my own.

It wasn’t easy leaving the safety of a corporate salary and risking that security to start my own business — especially with a young family to think about. It was a bold move. But I truly believe that it is possible to be who you are while running a profitable business.

And I believe that if you’re in business (to be of greater value, and to have greater autonomy over your life) — you totally get it.

Working with me you gain more than an MBA-qualified consultant (an expert on marketing & brand strategy). I’m also a certified life coach — which means I’m trained to work through the underlying mindset that may be holding you back from marketing your business effectively.

I recognise that when you have your own business, you must feel empowered to choose the level of support you need. I offer creative solutions, the formal strategic stuff — plus I can help you move through the deeper issues about self-promotion which arise when working for yourself.

You don’t have to guess or go-it-alone.

You can have marketing that is highly strategic, easy to implement and above all: your marketing can be genuine and smart.

This is not out-of-reach.

Let’s see what’s possible for your business.

Let’s connect.